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        来源:北京师范大学经济与工商管理学院 | 2019-04-19 | 发布:经管之家


        The NDRC wants to eliminate the cryptocurrency“mining” industry mainly for two reasons. First, cryptocurrency mining causes a huge waste of resources as its nature is to make the “miners” do extremely difficult math to compete for new blocks that are found every 10 minutes, on average. To contend for the reward and the right to record the blocks,the miners have to use a lot of computing power and huge amounts of mostly coalgenerated electricity.

        According to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, bitcoin’s current estimated annual electricity consumption is 55.26 terawatt hours, more than the total consumption of countries such as Romania, Uzbekistan and Bangladesh.

        Besides, cryptocurrency is illegal in China. In fact, the authorities listed bitcoin as illegal currency in 2013 as it doesn’t have the properties of a currency, such as legal tender and unconditional government promise of exchange, and closed the cryptocurrency exchange platforms in 2017. The achievements that the miners claim to have made cannot be put to actual use in China, leading to a huge waste of resources.

        Yet the NDRC’s recent move is not expected to have a big impact on the industry’s development because China made its policy toward cryptocurrency public clear a long time ago.

        But as an emerging industry in the information era, cryptocurrency has some potential properties. People’s Bank of China established a team of cryptocurrency research staff several years ago. In February, JPMorgan Chase issued its first cryptocurrency“JPM Coin”, which requires the users to deposit a commensurate number of dollars in the bank first. China may take a similar approach if it ever issues cryptocurrency.

        A bubble, similar to the internet bubble in 2000, has been formed in the blockchain industry. Once the bubble bursts, certain reliable and valuable companies will gradually develop and expand. As an advanced technology, blockchain has promising prospects and can be put to good use in different sectors. For instance, knowledge blockchain could guarantee the reliable transmission of credible knowledge.

        But the supervision on the blockchain industry should be strengthened to prevent new types of fraud, for example, cryptocurrency fraud, which has led to the bankruptcy of a number of people.

        来源:《CHINA DAILY》,2019年4月19日




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